Darkness was my shroud.
My veil was hung high.
My eyes, oh how they bled.
My heart was pierced.
Then I was hit.
By an arrow so true to its mark.
I was taken by love.
I was set free.
The shadow was lifted from me.
Lightning empowered my soul.
I did rise.
I met my Lord face to face.
His glory I did behold.
My Beloved, my Beloved!
From the valley to the mountain.
My journey to truth now complete.
I no longer am unto myself.
Standing on my knees.
I fight and starve no more.
No longer poor of soul.
Light is now my shroud.
My veil is torn.
Mine eyes are open only unto Thee.
My heart, pierced by love on high.
The war is over!
Victory is given to the Lord.
Victory is taken by the Lord.


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