You mean so much to me.
So much and more.
You are so much to me.
So much and more.
I don't even know where to start.
You have given so much to me.
You have done so much for me.
I don't deserve any of it.
I am more than just unworthy.
Down on my hands and knees.
For I know, oh I know just how 
  guilty I am.
Still You pardoned me.
Took all my crimes as Your own.
Wiped away all my tears.
And quieted all my fears.
I owe everything that I am to You.
I owe all who I am to You.
My Lord, my Lord.
My Saviour, my Saviour.
You take my breath away.
You sweep me up off of my feet.
My heart I give to You.
My soul I give to You.
For You are worthy.
With arms wide open You welcome me in.
Lord You are the One I want to see.
You are the One I want to be with.
I end with You.
I begin with You.
You are where I want to be.
My first love.
My only love.
I have fallen for You.
I have fallen into You.
You are my rapture.
My 1000 years of peace.
Alpha and Omega.


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